Christina Wold Wilson '91

Christina Wold Wilson

A non-traditional Southwestern student, Christina Wold Wilson transferred to Southwestern from Tarrant County Junior College in 1988, 10 years after graduating from Irving High School in Irving, Texas.

"When I decided to complete my bachelor's degree, I applied to both Southwestern University and The University of Texas. Both institutions offered me tuition assistance, but I chose Southwestern because I was looking for an education that would open my mind as well as educate it. Southwestern was what I was looking for," she says.

"While I attended Southwestern, I was also a single working mom. Without financial assistance, someone of my means would not have been able to attend college." Christina earned her bachelor's degree in computer science from Southwestern in May 1991.

The decision to bequeath her Individual Retirement Account (IRA) was an easy one for Christina. "Southwestern was a natural choice to receive my IRA as a gift," she says. "Without their gift (of student financial assistance), I would have been unable to attain such a quality education."

Now an accountant who enjoys walking, quilting, reading and yoga, Christina is proud to say that her two grown children both serve in our country's armed forces. "My son, Jake, is currently serving in the Army in Afghanistan and my daughter, Ashley, is serving in the Air Force in Florida."

She says that her gift to Southwestern was not made in honor of anyone in particular, but specified, "I would like for my gift to be used to fund someone else's future."

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